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Moon dust

Langærmet Baby Bodystocking i blød, økologisk bomuld, som er farvet med naturens farver. Enkel og essentiel til babygarderoben. Baby Bodystocking har dobbeltsidet halsåbning og trykknapper nederst, som gør den nem at få af og på ved ble- og tøjskift. På venstre bryst træder et lille, fint To The Moon, Honey-logo frem.
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Baby Bodystocking - TTMH
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Elemental Coloring | To The Moon, Honey - collection

  • Water conservation

    81% Less water consumption From 64 liters to 12 liters of water per kg of fabric
  • Energy saving

    65% Less energy consumption From 6,944 to 2,392 KCAL per kg of fabric
  • Plant colored

    • Our coloring is plant-based with natural residues from food production

    • We use, among other things, olive leaves, pomegranate shells, lavender and the fruit of walnut shells

    • You spare your skin and that of your loved ones from synthetic chemicals and other unnecessary substances
  • Minimum transportation

    Since all our basics are produced in Turkey in our own sewing room, we can ensure that we minimize the total emissions from transport. We think responsibility into the entire value chain.


We ensure that all partners in our value chain have a good business.

It is therefore important that all our business partners receive a fair share of the price you pay when you buy from us.

It is our way of ensuring that their employees have the best conditions. From cotton farmer to driver.

  • Cotton fibers 8%
  • Spinner 3%
  • Knitting 4%
  • Natural coloring 11%
  • The sewing room 27%
  • Elemental Coloring 27%
  • Transportation 20%
  • By buying 2 - we save the shipping costs for you and you save 10%