How do you make chemical-free clothes?

We do this by using organic cotton, which has not been exposed with any kind of sprays or pesticides. We they dye the cotton with residual products from agriculture. We use e.g. olive leaves, pomegranate peels, and the flower from the Turkish Valonia tree.

What is clothing dyed with?

We use residual products from agriculture, which are dried and chrushed into the dyeing powder we use to color the clothes. Our green and yellow colors are dyed with powder from olive leaves and for the blue and purple colors we use pomegranate peels and lavender.

How does natural coloring develop when washed?

Our natural colors retain their color after wash - the blue stays blue and the green stays green. Nature's colors are constantly evolving - so do our colors. Throughout the life of the products, the colors develop in a more and more natural look while retaining the original color.

What is GOTS?

GOTS is the strictest textile certification on the market. All our products are GOTS certified - in this way we ensure the origin of the organic cotton and working conditions throughout our value chain.


We ship all orders in a RePack. That way, you can fold and return the packaging that the products come in, which reduces the amount of waste to a minimum. As thanks for that, we will give you free shipping on you next purchase.

How long will it take to get my order?

We deliver all orders within 1-2 weekdays.


Can I return my products?

You can of course return your products if you want a different size or regretted your purchase. You just have to follow and fill out our return form, as you can download on the return page.
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