• Cooperation

    Together with Anna Reinholdt, we have created 4 new products in pointelle

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Pointelle Cardigan

The cardigan comes in our soft pointelle, which has been developed with the finest pattern.

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Clothes without synthetic dyes - only natural colors for you and your family

We have replaced the 500g of synthetic dye chemicals normally used for an organic cotton t-shirt with plant-based dyes.

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  • About us

    At Elemental Coloring, we believe that the world needs better solutions than disposable packaging. That is why we send all our packages in RePack - circular and returnable shipping packaging.

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  • Water saving

    Plantbased coloring uses 81% less water. Compared to conventional coloring where 64 liters of water are used pr. 1 kg fabric.

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  • Organic everyday life

    "We actively opt out of products with unnecessary chemicals and choose those that are asthma and allergy friendly," says Laura.

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