En økologisk hverdag
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An ecological everyday life

We have been allowed to follow Laura and Bjørn and their daughter Barbara for a trip in a summer house. The family wants to live as healthy and ecological a lifestyle as their everyday life allows. They both have two full-time jobs, so joint planning is required to make ends meet when they want a healthy everyday life with an organic lifestyle.

"We try to live an organic lifestyle by buying organic food as well as buying organic and neutral products for everyday duties, such as laundry and cleaning. We also try to live in what I would call a balanced lifestyle, where there is room to both "healthy" and "unhealthy" habits," says Laura.

An everyday life without unnecessary chemistry

The role of parents has automatically made Laura and Bjørn more aware of which products they buy and surround themselves with, as well as which they expose Barbara to.

This means organic food whenever possible, in an attempt to avoid artificial colors and additives as much as possible. The same applies to skin care products and products used in the bath and now also with basic clothes.

Before, it was not something that concerned Laura particularly much, but after she and Bjørn have had Barbara, it is something that concerns Laura very much and it is crucial for the couple to use products that do not expose the skin to any harmful substances.

"We are very aware of what we expose our skin to. We actively choose products with unnecessary chemicals, perfume, parabens and choose those that are asthma and allergy friendly," explains Laura.

The parental role, as for all parental couples, has turned life upside down - and this has, among other things, meant that Laura and Bjørn have become even more aware of how delicate and sensitive children's and baby's skin is and how important it is not to expose it to unnecessary harmful substances, such as artificial dyes.

Basics for everyone