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Care Guide

A process with elements of nature

When you buy basicwear from Elemental Coloring you can be sure that only natural coloring is used. Our dyeing process is done without the use of any synthetic chemicals, salts or softners, all of which are main ingredients in the conventional dyeing process. Read more about our natural coloring process here.

Instead, we use residual products from e.g. olive leaves, lavender, pomegranate peels and the fruit of walnuts. This coloring process gives us the oppertunity to use the color palette that nature provides.

When everything is done on nature's terms, there will always be limitations and challenges that do not arise with conventional dyeing. We choose to see it as an exciting and unique opportunity to collaborate with nature, while at the same time protecting the skin and the environment for any synthetic chemicals.

For us, it is important to inform and enlighten our customers about the many advantages of natural coloring. However, there will always be limitations in such a process, we can e.g. do not make black or navy blue because nature's natural coloring elements do not offer these colors.

When all our products are colored with natural materials, the colors will have a natural development. The color will develop over time and get a more bright look. With the right care, the products will last longer.

In order for the clothes to last as long as possible, and at the same time protect the environment as much as possible, we recommend the following:

  • Wash inside out at 40 degrees (baby clothes) and 30 degrees (all others) to save energy.
  • Avoid bleach and softners.
  • Wash with similar colours.
  • Hang dry if possible and avoid tumble dryers.


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