Light Blue
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Light Blue

Nature's own blue colour

Our colour Light Blue is created with nature's own colours. Nature creates a lot of different shades of blue throughout the seasons, from different blue flowers such as orchids to lavender and indigo. The color Light Blue was created precisely by utilizing nature's own blue colours - and not by using synthetic coloring chemicals.

Plant powder

The characteristic blue colour is created by mixing the powder from dried pomegranate shells, olive leaves, lavender and indigo. The different materials contribute with different colour pigments, which in the right mixture become our Light Blue. When we make Light Blue, this mixture is different from time to time – as the intensity of the color pigments in each material is different from season to season. The intensity of the colour pigments is determined by several different natural factors, such as how much sunlight the plant has received during the year, how much rainfall there has been and what the conditions have been like during the harvest.

Light Blue's clear blue colour comes mostly from lavender and indigo, which have a clear and bright blue colour when mixed. The pomegranate shells and olive leaves are used to regulate the tone of the colour so that we hit the same colour as best as possible. This has been difficult to do when the materials are all natural and different from year to year, but it is precisely by using the pomegranate shells and olive leaves that we have succeeded. In addition to the pomegranate shells and olive leaves, we also use a natural clay mineral which stabilizes the colour. The clay mineral both stabilizes the colour so that it becomes uniform, and at the same time the clay mineral helps the colour pigments bind to the cotton.

Not all blue colours are possible

It has been more than 4 years since we started developing Light Blue. We found inspiration in the traditional Japanese denim tradition, which has always used indigo in their dyeing of the fabric. Indigo was therefore an obvious place to start – at the same time, remnants of lavender and pomegranate shells have been found on old wall paintings and fabric remnants from ancient times. We now had ingredients that all give a blue colour.

The materials have been mixed in countless ways and with countless results. It quickly dawned on us that the natural ingredients allowed us to make a bright blue color. We could control the light blue color in a more greyish or yellow tone, but not a darker tone. It was therefore not possible to make a classic navy blue colour - as the natural dyes do not contain the colour pigments that it requires.

A core colour

Light Blue is one of our 4 core colours. This means that most styles come in Light Blue and that Light Blue comes in most qualities. Light Blue was chosen because the characteristic blue color is suitable for most basic styles in all four of our segments, baby, children, men's and women's.

It is therefore possible to get a sweat set for men and women in Light Blue, as well as a t-shirt or bodystocking for the little ones in Light Blue.

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