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White is not just white

Why is it necessary to dye cotton white?

It might sound like dyeing the grass green, but cotton is actually not white as you might think. Since organic cotton is a 100% natural material, the light color of raw cotton can actually vary according to both the season and which area it comes from.

Ergo, even the white t-shirt you wear so often has been treated with various synthetic colors and bleach, which can be harsh on the skin and remain in the garment long after you have bought - and washed - it.

Protect your skin with natural color

We believe that you can get nature's full color palette without taking shortcuts that are not good for our customers, suppliers or the planet. Of course, this also applies to the classic white.

We work with a natural clay mineral, which is given our "off white". A slightly broken white, which may not look like a toothpaste advertisement, but which gives a nice white color without the use of unnecessary chemistry. In addition, the clay mineral we use in "off white" is also present in several skin care products in terms of the softening effect that the clay has. In this way, the cotton becomes even softer for even longer, just as it does not expose your skin to synthetic chemicals.

Timeless basics in a neutral colour

All our basics come in "off white". The combination between our durability and the neutral white color provides a quality basic that holds up wash after wash without becoming stiff and uncomfortable. A basic in "off white" can work both for everyday use, as an underlay, or for sofa coziness, where everything just needs to be a bit nice and comfortable.

White t-shirts for the whole family