Hvem har lavet din t-shirt?
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Who made your t-shirt?

A t-shirt is a simple product we all know.

But few of us know where it comes from, as well as who and how it is made.

For us at Elemental Coloring, it is crucial to be familiar with the entire journey of all our products. Right from the cotton field to the last stitch in the sewing room. We have e.g. developed a cotton sewing thread with which we have replaced the conventional polyester sewing thread in our men's cotton t-shirt. See the t-shirt here.

Only by being privy to all the details can we ensure that our products are of the highest possible quality, that no synthetic chemicals are used and that all employees have Western-like working conditions.

Where does our t-shirt come from?

All our organic cotton comes from western Turkey. The same applies to our coloring materials, such as olive leaves and pomegranate peels, which come from local farmers. In this way, we can ensure that the quality is the highest possible, and that the amount of transport is the lowest possible, as we do not transport raw material from other parts of the world to Europe to make our t-shirt.

Transparent value chain

The organic cotton is dyed with our natural dyeing materials, such as olive leaves and pomegranate peels south of the city of Sakarya - at the only GOTS certified dyehouse that dyes with natural ingredients. The T-shirt is sewn in our own GOTS certified sewing room in the city of Erbaa.

We have made the value chain as short and transparent as possible - and we have succeeded in using only local raw materials for our t-shirts. In this way, we minimize transport as much as possible and can ensure that all parts in our t-shirt have the best possible quality and standard.


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