Basics til hele familien
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  • Naturlig indfarvning

Basics for the whole family

Chemical-free basicwear for the whole family's wardrobe

As a brand, we at Elemental Coloring have an ambition to rethink the way clothes are produced and sold in the world. Our mission is clear - we want to provide a chemical-free basic wardrobe for the whole family, where functionality and quality are essential.

The idea to chemical-free clothing stems from the desire to develop a product where all elements and materials are naturally produced. It was therefore obvious to find inspiration in the traditional plant-based dyeing technique, which existed before chemical dyeing gained traction.

The dye-house, we have collaboration with, has developed and refined the moderne plant-based dyeing method since 2017. The dye-house has today succeeded in creating a natural colour palette made with dried olive leave, pomegranate peels and the fruit from walnuts and other agricultural residues.

When we got the opportunity to develop chemical-free clothing, we had no doubt that Elemental Coloring should be a chemical-free basic brand, where the focus is on functionality and quality and not fashion. It was therefore obvious to develop basic styles for babies and kids, where at the same time we do not expose the skin to any conventional dyeing chemicals.

It was crucial for Elemental Coloring that we didn't just made a chemical-free brand because there were no others on the market. We therefore decided that we would not compromise on anything. The entire value chain had to be transparent, the product had to be the highest quality and everybody involved had to be able to build a sustainable business on it.

In that process we, it dawned on us that we weren't speculating about all the things we expose our own skin to. We therefore decided that we would immediately develop basic styles for women and men. We can therefore offer chemical-free basic clothes for everyone and the whole family has the opportunity to get a chemical-free wardrobe with us, regardless of age and size.

Basics for everyone