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Anna Reinholdt design collaboration

The perfect match

Anna has been involved from the very beginning, since we launched Elemental Coloring. Our universe of plant-based colors and 100% organic basics fit perfectly into Anna's lifestyle – she does not own a single piece of black clothing and is very careful about what she exposes herself and her family to. Anna's everyday life as a teacher in various retreats with a holistic focus, as well as the role of mother to Safi and Bobby, is the perfect match with our ambition for a wardrobe for the whole family, where unnecessary synthetic chemistry is avoided.

The favourites

Especially our basic t-shirt with long sleeves was Anna's favourite, which is why it didn't take long before Anna asked us if we could make a version with slightly longer sleeves and a different neckline. Our design collaboration started there - without us being fully aware of it. This has resulted in 3 new basics:

A t-shirt with long sleeves in our stretchy organic cotton quality and with Anna's wish for a classic round neckline and extra long sleeves.

A wrap blouse with straps on both sides that can easily be tied around the body.

A top in our delicious rib quality that fits close to the body, so it can be styled exactly as you want.

The colors

During the design process with Anna, it was obvious to develop a new special plant-based color for the new products. We had tested a more beige color, based on the fruit around walnut shells, and quickly agreed that we should include it - of course on the wrap blouse and the long-sleeved t-shirt.

We have never regretted that - and we are blown away by how well you have also received the products we have made with Anna.

Designet i samarbejde med Anna