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Sage Green

Night suit for babies with long sleeves and pant legs. This night suit has push buttons all the way from left pant leg opening to the neck opening, which makes it easy to wear. The night suit is GOTS certified and the organic cotton is colored without the use of chemicals - instead we use residuals from agriculture like the fruit of the walnut and olive leaves.

Size Guide
Height of baby
56 52-59 62 60-65 68 66-71 74 72-77 80 78-83 86 84-89 92 90-95

Night suit
  • Water conservation

    81% LESS WATER CONSUMPTION From 64 liters to 12 liters of water per kg of fabric
  • Energy saving

    65% LESS ENERGY CONSUMPTION From 6,944 to 2,392 KCAL per kg of fabric
  • No chemicals

    • We use natural residual products from food production for the coloring
    • Like olive leaves, pomegranate peels, lavender and walnut shells
    • There, the skin is not exposed to any synthetic chemicals
  • Minimum transportation

    All raw materials for the products are from western and central Turkey. This means that we have minimized the total transport for the finished product as much as possible.

Fair Pricing

We want to ensure that all links in our value chain have a viable business. That is why we pay all our partners a fair share of the price you pay when you shop with us in Elemental Coloring.

  • Cotton fibers 8%
  • Spinner 3%
  • Knitting 4%
  • Natural coloring 11%
  • The sewing room 27%
  • Elemental Coloring 27%
  • Transportation 20%
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