Always a 100% cotton

Hvid er ikke bare hvid

Læs med i vores Journal om hvorfor det er nødvendigt at farve bomuld hvidt og om hvordan vi bruger et naturlig lermineral for at undgå unødvendig kemi.

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Plant colored
Dress your children with a clean conciseness

Basics for kids

  • About us

    Our products are basics . "Slow goods" which are free from trends, seasons or collections, but instead sewn on good craftsmanship, functionality and good materials.

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  • Natural coloring

    Plantbased coloring uses 81% less water. Compared to conventional coloring where 64 liters of water are used pr. 1 kg fabric.

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  • Organic everyday life

    "We actively opt out of products with unnecessary chemicals and choose those that are asthma and allergy friendly," says Laura.

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